Stroke: s = mm
Inclination of the x axis: α = °
Mounting case
ZKCE attachment position: rZKCE = mm
Piston rod guiding
Coeficient of friction: μ =
Option =
Load data
Mass of load: m = kg
Additional forces and moments
Distance: hx = mm
Distance: hy = mm
Distance: hz = mm
Extended piston rod: E = mm
Inclination of the y axis: β = °
Operating temperature: T = °C
Acceleration of PNCE: ax = m/s2
Acceleration of PNCE: ay = m/s2
Acceleration of PNCE: az = m/s2
Cycle definition
Cycle input type
Display charts
Maximmum travel speed: vmax = 0m/s
Acceleration of piston rod: a = 0m/s2
Total travel time in one direction: ttot = 0s
Acceleration time: tacc/dec = 0s
Delay time: tdelay = 0s
Cycle time: tcycle = 0s
Loading case
Cutting / pressing length: lc = mm
Advance cycle definition
Duty cycle
Number of cycles per hour: nh = cycles/h
Working hours per day: nhd = h/day
Working days per year: ndy = days/y